SM10 5.4GHz P10 - loose radio sensitivity

We have very critical problems on 15-20% of the SM10 5,4GHz P10 8.1.5 we have bought in the last 4 months here in Italy (about 400SMs):
we install the SM in normal clear LOS, with good sgnal (Jitter 3; -75dB for example), it works normally for a fiew days then the signal drops, it start loosing connection often or it goes in scanning constantly and sometimes without even seeing anymore the the AP in the AP evaluation.
The solution is change the SM with a new one and the radio signal goes immediatly back up to normal conditions. We had this problem with both Standard and Lite SMs.
We never had such problems with previous P9 ; I would have sed last year that the reliability of Canopy SM was almost 98% but in the last semester this value has gone down to 80%.
Has anybody else experienced this problem ?
Comments from Motorola ?

It’s a P10 problem. We have 300 5.4 units waiting for double check in the moment, and we have already returned 100.

My advice is to order 20% more next time. You can’t buy P9 anymore in EU counties. And probably you will wait a lot of time for the replacement.

Nice to know that we are not the only ones.
I would like to have a statement from Motorola on this serious matter:
is the problem known ?
what is the reason ?
is the problem already solved ?
has it been isolated on certain batches ?
are they being retired from the market ?
Can we do something now to save time installing an antenna that we have to reinstall the next week ?

I can second that. We do have the same issues.