SM450 outerrors count

hi, how

what is the cause and how can i rectify outerrors count on SM?

What statistic exactly are you seeing change here? Is it incrementing (i.e. going up) as traffic is flowing through the link?

Is this on the AP, the SM, or both?

Is the link under heavy load? Overloaded? 

Are you experiencing errors in traffic that the user is noticing?

This could be a symptom of several different goings on, so we'll need more information to check it out more thoroughly.

If you can capture a screenshot of the Statistics>Ethernet web page, that may also help narrow down what might be causing this.


We having same errors incrementing with one of our SM, can you advise what is the cause of this.




     What is the Link Status?  This is interesting being there are no Out Unicast Packets  only Out Not Unicast Packets and they are all getting dropped.  Being it is a 10/100 ethernet is it possible the there is link to the radio but not to the end device?  Is there an MIR setting on broadcasts of 0?  Basically it looks like you don't have a link, nothing coming in and everything out is broadcast and is dropped.  If you check the wiring and the end device to be good, you can open a support ticket and request it be forward to Dave and I will take a look at it.