Small Form Factor Wireless Bridge 2024

Hi has there been any progress made on a replacement for the Force 180/ Cambium ePMP Force 300-13 series devices ? We tend to have a lot of short throw wireless usually to a meeting room, eating space or supplementary buildings.

There is the Force 300-16 (form factor nearly identical to the Force 180). They work great and the antennas have a much better pattern than the 300-13 we’ve found.

We often have to opposite problem - always needing more gain for longer shots. I have a brand new case of 20x of the 300-16’s that I probably should eBay.

Aye have used some of them before. Would like to see something on at least 6/6e based tech to be released. We can never run anything wider than a 20 so we’re always looking for something with the best performance in a narrow channel band.