small point to multipoint network with Force 300-16


can i configure 3 Force 300-16 to connect each other? In the manual i can read: Characteristic: Topology=>PTP (Future support for PMP), is it supported by latest firmware?

So my question is: in a small network 3 points about 100 meters distants each other can i setup 1 Force 300-16 to act as Access Point and the other 2 to act as Subscriber module to connect both to the Access point? 

If this type of configuration is not usable on Force 300-16, which product (small dimensions) I must buy to connect 3 very close points with a good bandwith?

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At this point in time PtMP AP operation isn't allowed on any of the Force 300 units.  You could use the 802.11n Force 180 units though, they support this mode of operation.

Sadly, no - they removed the AP functions in the Force300 line.  You can use any of the ePMP1000 or 2000 series SM's - so the Force 180 is much the same form factor of the 300-16, and any of the 1000/2000/F200 series can be in TDD PtMP AP mode and will work fine for your needs.

Good news – Firmware 4.7 now finally returns the PtMP TDD features back into the Force 300 AC SM lineup!