smaller antenna for 900 MHz SM

I have a need for a more discrete 900 MHz dual pol antenna.  Some of the shorter links we don't need 12 dBi antenna gain but need either a small (like 12x12 inch) panel, or a Yagi shorter than the 3.5 foot one from Cambium.  Third party antennas all seem to assume you want bigger and more gain, not smaller and more acceptable to the homeowner.  I am trying to replace old Trango 900 MHz which is obsolete but look nice, and getting customers to accept the upgrade to a 42 inch Yagi is tough unless we actually need the gain.

Would it be crazy to just cut down the Cambium Yagi?  It has 8 directors, what if we cut off the last 4?  I seem to remember people used to do this with some of the single pol yagis that came in 2 bolt-together sections, they would just omit one of the sections to get a smaller, lower gain version.  I realize the element sizes would probably not be exactly right, but would it be close enough?

What I'd really like is something no bigger than a TY-900.  But of course dual slant, with the SM bracket, and not priced like the TY-900.  A panel would also be good, but I can't find one.  KP makes one, but it is huge.

Why not use KP's 13.5dBi dual-pol flat panel... it's only 18"x18" and works very well. We even use it as an AP antenna sometimes.

Ken - It would not be crazy to just cut off the antenna... if you take off 4 elements, it would still function at something a bit more than half of the gain. So, you'd move from 12.5 dBi to somewhere between 6-8 dBi gain.

This would also widen the beam pattern compared to the current azimuth.  It might also be worth considering to cover the hole with a cap or tape to prevent water ingress into the antenna.