Smart Beam Antennas

I have enabled 2 out of 12 Smart beam antennas to see if they would work… on 4.6 they still cause rssi and snr wonkyness… setting it back to forced sector antenna everything goes back to normal… anyone seen this, Im sure some here have. So if anyone has noticed this as well did help?

I seem to recall the advice to turn subscriber module target receive up to -55 or so to help with the wonkyness.

I haven’t noted any real performance either way with the BSA on 3k, but have definitely seen wonkyness.

Absolutely, at least -55 and we find much better with -52 or better on a 3000 4x4

You have to remember, that an aggregate signal of -55 won’t be the same in 4x4 vs 2x2 vs 1x1… so when you move from 2x2 (100 or 2000 or 3000L) to 4x4 (3000) you’d have to add at least an additional 3dBm or more to your target signal.

For us, we’ve found the every version of the firmware generally get’s better and better. There are times when they choose to remove a certain feature that is important - or that a bug is inadvertently introduced… but generally speaking there is no doubt that the latest version of the firmware usually works the best.

Additionally - that is the only place that bugfixes will be work on. What I mean is, there’s no realistic way to tell Cambium “Hey, I’m using 3.5.2 and I found this bug that you need to fix”… I know that’s a silly example in a way… but if you think about it, there is ZERO chance they are going to stop working on 4.6.1 and go back and release a with a new bug fix. :smiley: The only place that things are being worked on is in the 4.6.x stream, so in my mind, yes, it makes sense to move to the latest version, and to work with Cambium to improve the latest version.

So, short answer - we are running everywhere (except our 2.4ghz AP’s) and we find that is the best version yet.


I agree, although I stuck to 4.4.3 until 4.6 came out - too many issues in between for me to ever get any sleep. It was annoying because I could never get help with issues as was always told to upgrade to the latest fw, but when I did everything would fall over.
I’ve migrated the whole network (200 x epmp AC radios) over to and now the sleeping has returned :smiley:
Although, still had SMs dropping for no reason - 4.6.1 has fixed this as of last night. yay