SMNP question


I have a question about a strange behaviour I saw in our AP and SM: we are monitoring them by using MRTG (through SMNP actually).

In the ehternet traffic monitoring, we see sometimes some strange peaks in the traffic, which are for sure errors: for example we see some SM with 0 traffic and then it suddendly jump to 12Mb of transfer, to go down again immediately.
From what I understood in my investigation, this wrong data are coming from the SMNP of the SM.

Any of you experienced a similar problem?


I have seen the same spikes when SM’s reboot

It’s not a problem per se.

The poller is looking at the delta in the counters in the radio between polls. If the poller loses contact with the radio, the counter is still incrementing. When the poller gets a new read it interprets the delta in the counter and it will look like a spike.

This is usually attributed to congested networks, links with interference, or rebooting radios.