SMs are seeing towers but not the other way.....

I have 3 towrs now that are having problems. they are all timed and have no errors in the logs of either the SMs or the APs. However, my links are degrading on the SM side. The SM sees the AP at around -50–70 but the APs are seeing the SMs at -82ish. This is not true for all SMs on the towers, only maybe 30%.

Has anyone experienced this problem? I’m actually thinking that the change in foliage may be the issue since winter is comeing and all the fields are being harvested. Other than that, I don’t see any change that has happend. I have done a scan on the airwaves and there’s nothing new. A few other APs inthe distance, but they have always been there at the same strength (-85).

Try turning off all the AP’s on the tower, flip each into an SM and do a spectrum analysis on each AP. Perhaps you have a new source of interference that is blinding the AP.

And yes, if the foliage is getting wet it will change things. You may need to elevate those SM’s.

Well, it is a rather noisy envirnment (*most channels around -75). Nothing looks too different than when the tower was put upother than the increase in total noise… I think it used to be around -83. I wonder if the loss of leaves is actually a bad thing in these instances. They might have been “shielding” me from other problems. I was also thinking that the reflection may be totally different as well given the clear terrain I have now. I have one tower that is the oposite. On this tower, the session shows -84ish and the customers see -60ish… then on the others the session shows -60ish and the customers see -85ish. I have tried re-aligning a few of them and could not come close to anything different.

I remember a few customers that had this problem during last winter and they seemed to clear up by the spring/summer. now that we have a few hundred more customers maybe it’s just showing up more for that reason. If it is the absence of foliage, that’s gonna really be a pain.

I’ll see if I can raise them up, perhaps get them to a better signal with less reflection. In the meantime, I will try to find the source of some of these signals…

Sounds most likely like someone is broadcasting on your frequencies. If it only “shows up” in the fall/winter, you may have grace in the spring summer due to tree’s blocking the interferance.

Any of the SM’s have reflectors on them? maybe narrow the band to avoid fresnel interferance?


Are the 30% newer P10 SM’s. What you are describing are the issues that I have experienced. SM sees plenty of signal from the AP, but very weak signal from the SM back to the AP. If these are P10’s contact your distributor and get an RMA. Motorola will replace them.

You know what… there are two sets that are having this trouble. those ARE the P10sms, and the P9 sms on v8.x software. I have downgraded all the P9s back to 7.3.6 and they seem better, but the P10s are indeed having trouble.

So, did your replacments fix the issue? did they always act that way for you, or after a day or two in use?

Thanks for that- it’s funny cause it was just this morning that I started thinking that and did the downgrade on the P9s.

The P10’s, run, we run it on several thousand SMs and AP’s across the country, with very little issue. I’d suggest running the same on your P9’s as well.

Just getting all the suspects together to send back (~25%failure/unacceptable power levels). My distributor states that there have been no complaints on his shipments for the last month, so hopefully the bad ones have all cycled through the distribution system.

Take a few older P9’s and look at the power levels in both directions. That is a good baseline. Using the same AP check all your P10’s. Decide what power levels are acceptable and box up all that don’t meet your criteria (including the ones already in service).