SMs dont receive signal


I have some SM that seem to have lost their radio capability. I can access them through Ehternet and when I Enable spectrum analisys it doesnt show the AP carrier which is a few meters away. (I am sure AP is working OK).

Could radio module be broken for any reason? Is there any trick to repair them?

They are 3 SM P10 8.1.5

Thanks to everybody

Ivan Perino

I just did a rma for 2 of the 5750 models p9, that did the same thing…

I’m sure this is NOT the case, but for what it is worth, if the APs are set to use Software Scheduling, then they won’t show up on an SM that is set for Hardware and vice-versa.

If you are using 8.0x then, is your AP also 8.0x?

I am afraid, your AP could be Soft Sched and your SMs are Hardware Sched, by default.

vanilla wrote:
APs are set to use Software Scheduling, then they won't show up on an SM that is set for Hardware and vice-versa.

Thank you for your response but not, they are all P10 8.1.5 even AP. What is stranger?, If I put one of these SM just in front of AP (few centimeter), this shows signal detection on Spectrum Analisis tool and even perform a registering process. The others dont do anything, they are blind.
Also, P10 supposed to work only on Harware Scheduling.

May be it could be an AGC (automatic gain control) problem but this is out of my reach.
Thank youo to everybody

Well i too had the same kind of problem with one of my SMs that was working almost for 2 years.

What is even strange it that it doesnt work even with a reflector.

It comes up, get connected to an AP and after some time it gets disconnected. Then it shows the same problem. It can not see an AP even at few meters distance.

I also observed that it works fine when it is raining. May be something gets heat up inside.

any clues???

Hmmm… it almost sounds more like the AP is the issue. To clarify, you have at least 3 SMs that will not register to (or display on the Spectrum Analyzer) the AP? Is this equipment all in a testing environment (ie. on a becnh in your shop)? Will other SMs regsiter to this AP? Will the SMs register to a differnet AP?


How many SMs were already connected to the AP?