SM's first fail - cnMaestro

Has anyone else had any issues with the SM's first feature not working?  I tried a few different upgrade jobs where I selected SM's and AP's and told it to upgrade SM's first.  However, it upgraded the AP's along with the SM's. 

I did this same thing with another job that pushed a new config that changed security settings.  It would have worked beautifully had it upgraded SM's first like I told it to do.  Unfortunately, I had to change the AP to old settings, re push just to the SM's that missed it when the AP updated and then change the AP back to the new settings.

@wdougmiller, a few questions here for clarification......

Are you running cnMaestro on-premises or cloud?  If on-premises, what is the version number?  Also, are the AP/SMs from the PMP or ePMP family.... and what version of software are they running?  

Are you stating that you are seeing the problem with both software update and configuration jobs?

When selecting "SMs first, then APs", the expected behavior is that cnMaestro updates all of the SMs in a sector  and then updates the parent AP.  It may be working on several sectors in parallel.

With the Software Update issue, was this with a single sector or multiple sectors.  Ordered update does allow for sectors to be updated in parallel?  The ordered update is per sector.  This means that if all SMs in sector A are updated, the AP in that sector can update while SMs in sector B are still being updated.

For the configuration case, can you clarify what you mean by SMs that were missed?  Are these devices that were skipped due to being offline?  Were they online when the job was started?

I've noticed that when I try to do mass software upgrades cnMaestro will start updating the AP before all SM's have finished updating and connected back to the AP. This is why I gave up using the 'Update SM's first then AP' feature and went to updating only the SM's and then the AP seperately. 

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Please confirm us whether its PMP or ePMP platform you seeing this issue?

In a sector if all the SM once confirm that they have downloaded the image successfully, cnMaestro will push software image to AP immediately.


We use the PMP platform. We were attempting our upgrade to 15.2.1 with 430 SM's and used the 'Upgrade SM's first then AP' option. CnMaestro updated and rebooted our AP before all of our 430 SM's had come back online to the AP, so we stopped using the feature and went to updating the SM's seperately from the AP's. 

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cnMaestro version 1.6.3-r19

PMP 450's (mostly 15.1.5)

Software updates and Config Updates both experienced the issue.

Parallel updates/pushes were occuring, however, that was not the problem.  cnMaestro would start on an AP that still had downstream SM's connected via that AP.

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