SM's going down

I have a tower in a small community that has a few SM’s going down. On the tower is a 900 AP with an Omni and a 5.8 backhaul slave with a CMM micro on the ground. When we first did our spectrum analasys, the 900 band was almost rf free with the spectrum being just short of flatlined. Out of about 25 subscribers I have 4 that loose connection for exactly 12 minutes and thirty seconds about every other hour. There seems to be no certain pattern and they don’t all loose connection at the same time. I have just discovered this problem so I haven’t done another S/A yet, but this 12 minute 30 second thing has really got me worked up. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be would be greatly appreciated. Also, the customers range from 5 to 14 miles from the tower all in different directions. As always, there are some communication towers in the area but they have never been any threat before.