SMs interfering with each other?

Hi all

We have a small setup and problems with one of our AP’s (5450AP) serving 8 customers just now.

We have started to get problems with SM’s dropping off and connecting up again. Perhaps disconnect for 1 hour the connect up again for 24 hrs then off for 1 hr again…I suspect interference however I know we are the only people using 5.4GHz in the area and there is a very low noise floor.

Could other SM’s be interfering with each other? We generally leave the transmit power for the SM to the default (max) level…would it be possible that many are causing problems if they are in close proximity (approx 1/4 mile sector)

All SM and AP using DES


How are your AP’s getting sync?

The AP in question is generating its own sync.

Its the only AP on the mast, only other products on the mast are two 10BH units.

I seem to have narrowed the problem down to two SM’s that are next door to each other…could then be causing each other problems…I assume the sync should take care of this?

Sync is the special sause that makes Canopy work. AP’s and BH’s near each other need to be in sync.

5.xGhz about 5 miles
2.4GHz about 7.5 miles
900MHz about 10 miles

These distances vary depending on the LOS between AP’s.

You might want to spend some time with the manual.

Hi Jerry

I have another main site close by (within 5 miles) using 5.4 Ghz that has a CMM in place (there are 3 ap’s here). These all are in sunc with each other. The site I am having trouble is a remote setup. Is there a way to sync the remote AP and BH units to the main site without a CMM?

I used to link the two sites together with an SM and passed the sync this way but now I have replaced the SM with the BH units and the AP doesnt point to the main site to enable the SM sync link anymore.

In my setup all AP’s and SM’s are 5.4 Ghz and the BH’s are 5.7 GHz.

Use a SyncPipe from PacketFlux.


Thanks Jerry

I assume that if both masts have a seperate GPS input then they will be in sync? I thought that you would have to pass the sync from one GPS to all the AP’s?

The sync source is the satellites. As long as all APs in a given band have the same DL%, control slots, and max distance and are getting GPS sync from a CMM or SyncPipe you are good.

Topic covered many times in this forum and also in the manual.

Cheers Jerry

This site has actually been operational for 2 years now with no probs, so strange that probs start now.

I’ll try the sync link up and see if that solves it.



Up for two years? Information that would have been good know…

Knowing that, I would suspect that there may be a new interference source.

However, Canopy is pretty resilient and you may have just not had enough SMs to see a problem with the lack of timing.

Just a close for the thread

Think I have it solved…I reduced the transmit power of the two SM’s close to each other…everything seems fine now.

Nice advice from the manual!

If the tower that is generating sync is within 5 miles of the AP’s with GPS, you will have problems down the road. I suspect the problem you are having is a symptom of timing issues and lowering the power is just a temporary fix.

I have had 4 SM’s in the same construction area, 2 on the same post and never had an issue.

Thanks Jerry

I am planning to setup the sync between the two masts also, when I use the spectrun analyser I cannot see the other mast (i.e. the frequencies the other ap’s are using) but I think its best.

I’m planning to install a sync splitter and link the AP and BHS together.

Cheers again for the help