SMs not connecting

On a site we have 3 450 APs  and a lot of 450 SMs .

Firmware version: (all the same).

2 SMs are connecting and registering to all APs.

The other are not connecting and registering to none of the APs.

Configuration seems to be OK.

We 've reseted them with factory default (and APs too) but nothing changed.

No logs are created when trying to register these SMs.

There was no surge protection in all these SMs.

May thei r radio be  damaged?

We can access their GUI.

Any other idea?

If you have access to the radios, I would highly recommend updating the firmware on all of them.

First, update to R13.2.1, then update to the latest release, R15.0.2.

Make sure you have CNUT v4.9 installed to perform the updates.

Once that is complete, see if the radios connect.  R12.0.3.1 is the very very first firmware that shipped with the very very first 3 GHz radios... we have made significant improvements and changes since then.  It sounds like this hardware may be very old. 

All SMs and APs updated to 15.0.2

3/8 SMs connected and registered.

Is this in the field, or in a lab/testing scenario?  Are you sure the SMs can see the AP signal?  Are the proper channels configured?

Were they all connected at some point?  

If you are sure all of the configuration is correct, there is a possibility the hardware is no longer good, but I have never heard of a failure rate of this magnitude before.  You did mention that there was no surge protection on these units, so if a lighning storm occurred, it may have affected several units.

They were in the field. Now they are in a testing scenario.

Factory reset is done to all of them an the configuration seems to be correct.

In the past all the SMs were connected to the APs.

Yes. There was no surge protection on SMs.

Some of the SMs that don't sync were tested with spectrum analyzer and their radio seems to work.

Are these all being tested, where the other are working?

I ran into simple stupid because the Milage defaults to 2 miles. I was 2.4 miles. A two hour oversite. I tested withing that 2 mile distance of the tower, which woked but when I went back to the office to lab up it wouldn't work.

Good luck.


We have in a testing scenario 1 AP and 8 SMs.

In the beginning none of them connected and registered.

After update to the last version 3/8 SMs connected and registered.

The other 5 not.

But using a spectrum analyzer, their radio seems to be alive.