SMs Resetting Themselves

I’m running into a problem where my SMs are resetting themselves. For some of my customers, this is happening every 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure what might be causing this, any suggestions?

I doesn’t seem to matter that Freq they are on, 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, or 5.7GHz. And it isn’t the same tower location either. We have 5 tower locations spread out over 30 miles that covering roughly 450,000 acres. Distance doesn’t seem to matter, as some are as close as 1.1 miles from the tower. If you need anymore information to help me asses my problem, please ask. Any advice is greatly appriciated.

I don’t know if this is related to your issue or not but when I see “every 20 minutes or so” I think of the default Bridge Entry Timeout (which is 25 minutes). That number needs to be HIGHER than the ARP timeout in the router that feeds the network. That goes for APs and SMs

Also, make sure your APs have enough Control Slots for the number of SMs registered to it.

·1-10 SMs: 0 Control Slots
·11-50 SMs: 1 Control Slot
·51 – 150 SMs: 2 Control Slots
·151 – 200 SMs: 3 Control Slots

SM’s resetting can almost always be attributed to interference.

Could be outside interference or self interference due to sync and or radio timing issues.

Hi Jerry,

I see resets on an SM with the following stats:
The SM shows the following Stats:

Session Status : REGISTERED VC 20 Rate 1X/1X Registered AP : 0a-00-3e-50-b9-8e RSSI : 665 Power Level : -70 dBm Jitter : 2 Air Delay : 94 approximately 0.87 miles (4606 feet)

From the AP side:

LUID: 004 : MAC: 0a-00-3e-50-1a-4d State: IN SESSION (Encrypt Active)
Site Name : XXXX
Software Version : CANOPY
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 041006 (DES Sched) P9
Session Timeout: 0, AirDelay 94 (approximately 0.87 miles (4606 feet))
Session Count: 1, Reg Count 1, Re-Reg Count 0
RSSI (Avg/Last): 563/610 Jitter (Avg/Last): 4/4 Power Level (Avg/Last): -75/-73
Sustained Uplink Data Rate (SM): 2000 (kbit)
Uplink Burst Allocation (SM): 100000 (kbit)
Sustained Downlink Data Rate (SM): 5000 (kbit)
Downlink Burst Allocation (SM): 100000 (kbit)
Low Priority Uplink CIR (SM): 0 (kbps) Low Priority Downlink CIR (SM): 0 (kbps)
Rate : VC 20 Rate 1X/1X

The AP has Uptime : 2d, 02:45:04

I seriously doubt that there are any wireless issues.

Everthing looks good to me, low session count and jitter, nice signal level but everytime I have seen an SM reset itself it is because our AP’s were out of sync with each other. Hopefully the CMM Micros will take care of that issue.

From the customer end see if

A) there is another Canopy AP (that is not one of yours and thus not in sync) the SM can see
B) there is a high level of noise that the SM can see in spectrum analysis mode
C) there is any foliage or other physical obstructions

Verify that all of your 900AP’s are in sync with each other

Hate to sound like a broken record, but have you checked the cables for the SM’s? A bad crimp on the power pins and a bit of wind will cause them to reset. But the whole 20minute thing makes it sound like sometihng else.

Just throwing it out there.

How is your 8 pin port, seem good and rugged? Something I ran into the other day for the first time in 65 installs was the 8 pin ethernet port pins were poorly soldered to the board and once I plugged in a piece of fairly rigged shielded Belden Cat 5 wire @ 5 degrees outside it was enough to lift every finger off the board due to poor work at the factory. Resoldered the connections and the sm did not reset from that point on.