SM's very close to AP and target receive seems ineffective

I've got a neighborhood of 5 - 6 homes in a very rural area set up on a ePMP 2.4Ghz Omni w/HV polarization that are very close to the AP (like 100-300ft).  All houses are line of sight. I have very high recieve signals and SNR but the modulation is all over the place.  I've tried turning down the power in the AP but that only results in poorer modulation, not better.  Tried different channel widths and frequencies too.  Plus, target receive doesn't seem to be changing the power in the SM's.  I've even tried changing power manually in SM and that produces lower modulation as well.  Made sure that customer's router was not set same frequency as SM.  I was expecting MCS15 on all of these links.  Am I just too close? I got a good deal on a 2.4Ghz epmp AP so that's why I used it.  Wishing I would have done 5ghz now.  

What omni are you using? Can you try a more directional antenna? Maybe a SM in ap mode?

What are the SM's hearing the AP at? I'd try to turn down the AP's power until your clients are in the -60dB range. I'd probably set the ATPC on the AP to -60dBm.

Have you done a spectrum scan or used ACS? If you find your spectrum is pretty dirty, you might want to use a 10 or even 5mhz channel width.

The omni is a KP.  

RSSI ranges from -49 to -60.  SNR is 40+ over the noise floor.  I am running on 10Mhz channel now and did a Spectrum analysis for 48 hours before I hooked up the first customer.  I have not tried ACS but I have tried multiple channels in different widths but had similar problems.  I've never used ACS but I'll give it a try.  If I turn down the power in either SM or AP, the modulation gets worse but the RSSI and SNR's really don't change that much.  I'm also wondering if the omni is too high up on the tower in conjunction with where we mounted the SM's on the houses.  We have one customer that had the SM mounted up higher on the roof and it seems like the best performing link but it's also the furtherest from the AP.  But.... with these RSSI and SNR figures, as I said, I was expecting solid MCS15.  Thanks for your suggestions.

I assume you're using firmware 2.4.3 on everything as well? ALSO, one last thing... if possible, try a different antenna, maybe ever a sector just you can play with up/down tilt. It may be that the clients are so close and most of them are hitting off a side-lobe or something and/or the signal is shooting over them. Are all of these line of sight shots?

Other notes... the Cambium 2.4GHz 90deg sector antenna is a bit of beast, but it's really well designed and does +-45deg/dual-slant polarization which (arguably) might help in your situation.

We’ve seen more stable connections from the slant antennas, and by more stable, I mean worth while to purchase but by no means a magic bullet.
Also check your customers routers, if they’re to close to your omni, your own customers are killing you. The sector antenna will reduce your noise risk from other directions but If your own subs are your issue it won’t do much good.

How vertical is the omni?  If you're only 100 feet away and the omnis is 250 feet up I would certainly expect these kinds of problems.