SNMP and Color Codes

Is there way with SNMP to read all the color codes out of an SM? I use this to set them:

(‘enterprises’, ‘.’, cc, ‘INTEGER’) #set color code
(‘enterprises’, ‘.’, 2, ‘INTEGER’) #set prioriity

I want to read back out to see what they are.

Look for whispSmColorCodeTable for read back of the Additional Color codes.

Looking in the “PMP 450 Series MIB” mib files and I am not finding that.

I just verified by downloading it and looking int WHISP-SM-MIB.txt starting line 4054:

whispSmColorCodeTable OBJECT-TYPE
	SYNTAX		SEQUENCE OF WhispSmColorCodeEntry
	MAX-ACCESS	not-accessible
	STATUS		current
		"Additional color code Table."
	::= {whispSm 9}