SNMP firmware upgrade

Trying to get firmware upgrades via an SSH session to work. Everyting I have found (which isn't much... Cambium doesn't seem to have published much on the subject) says that I should be able to do it.

I establish a SSH session, and issue the following command

(these are ePMP 1000 radios)

snmp set -v 2c -c MyWriteCommunity . s

i get "Syntax error: Illegal parameter"

I have modified the above command every which way I can think of, but can not get it to work.

What am I missing?


You have made typo “snmp set”.
It shoud be “snmpset”.

Also please clarify where are hou trying to run that command.
Thank you.

I am running that command in the cli of the radio itself. I log in with SSH. On the radio's command line, there is no "snmpset". Context-sensitive help shows "snmp set" as valid.


In case you are running this command in admin CLI it has correct format.

snmp set -v 2c -c MyWriteCommunity . s

We had issue you have faced with in 2.6.2 FW.

It is already fixed in 3.0 Release, please try it.

Thank you.

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I'm sorry, I couldn't stop laughing for a minute.  The problem he's running into trying to update to 3.0 is fixed in 3.0, please try it?  :)


Looks funny, but I hope all of us understood what I meant just to verify that  FW upgrade via snmp is already fixed in 3.0 release.

Thank you.

no me funciona a mi tampoco y tengo la version del ePMP-NonGPS_Synced-v3.5.1.tar.gz

cambium deberia de documentarnos mas sobre este tema, ya que practicamente no hay nada sobre el.