SNMP monitor bandwidth on eth port missing?

Tried my three graphing programs,none of them seem to find the eth port.
Is this value missing in oid ? or should i be looking for diff value?

Yeah, the standard ethernet OIDs aren’t there. Most gear populates the IF-MIB with all network interfaces, this gear (at least on the current 1.2.3 firmware) doesn’t. So most generic systems like Cacti and what-not will go looking for the standard IF-MIB tree of OIDs and find nothing.

You can find the throughput stats under . - . is cambiumEthRXBytes, EthRxPackets is .3.0, EthTXBytes is .8.0 and EthTXPackets is .9.0.

Oh, and AFAICS the cambiumAthRXBytes.0 and TXbytes.0 are always reading ZERO. Also, there’s no differentiation between the two ethernet ports on the SM. (no big deal at the moment, since I can’t even get anything to communicate over the secondary port)


Has anyone bee able to graph data using cati with the 2.0 or 2.1 MIB’s? I cant seem to graph any data.

Hi. Is graphing with Cacti possible yet? I don’t have any epmp deployed yet… still in the deciding phase, so I’m checking on the ability to graph with CACTI.

Yes, we have done this for over a year.

I tried with cacti and it worked, You can use device template ucd/net just for interface LAN  and WAN