SNMP not working

I'm trying to update some equipment and settings. I recently went to 3.5.5. I'm also trying to get our SNMP graphing to work correctly. I have set and updated both "strings", which are the same (if I can do that), and I don't seem to be able to get any "walks" out of the radio. Multiple radios actually. This computer can reach and walk other devices without issue.

Is there some, or any issues with SNMP.. I did (previously) have each community different. It still didn't answer a walk...

I would suggest NOT using the same community string for both read-only and read/write access.  But that shouldn't cause it to not respond.  What are you using to poll the radios?  Ensure it's using snmp v2c.  If you're hitting proprietary Cambium OIDs you should also ensure you have the necessary MIBs installed, and for a walk you would want to try something like "snmpwalk -v2c -cpublic cambium" ('cambium' is '.') for Cambium's OIDs, "snmpwalk -v2c -cpublic" for generic (sysName, sysLocation, interfaces, etc) OIDs.


I've used a simple program from Ireasoning that has worked for years for my basic testing. I do have it set for v2, port 161, the same community I use on all our devices, along with making sure the radios in question have the correct community as well. It starts a walk with .1.3, and I have yet to have it fail on a walk with any device that snmp is turned on with..

This same program, using the same settings, I can walk other snmp devices on our network that we poll.. Just changing the IP address to poll in the program..

I'm at a loss. I'm sure it's something dumb that i am missing. But, I have been using snmp for a long time, and never really had an issue until now with these cambium radios. I (thought) maybe it was a software bug, or some other sort.. Can anyone confirm it works in 3.5.5 on elevate and/or 2ghz cpe's? That's all i have tried it on so far.. 

And now I bet I figured it out.

Since I went through this before with Cambium. I bet they are forwarding the port 161 traffic to the DMZ.

We set DMZ on ALL of our radios while in NAT mode.

Do you also have "separate Management IP" enabled?  We don't run in NAT mode normally, but when I have set it up, I set up for DHCP on wireless interface and set sep mgmt IP to the address we would otherwise have set as the 'only' IP.  (all our gear lives in, separate subnets for each tower and each type of gear on that tower)  That might explain why I've not had trouble with the limited cases where we've enabled NAT.  (basically when a stubborn customer insists on connecting a switch or AP instead of a router)


We don't use the management portion. And this is what gets me in trouble with Cambium it seems. 

I've never had to use that to get things to work with UBNT radios. They intentially (it seems) don't port forward managment ports. Unlike cambium who automatically does. 

If a radio has an IP address, it should have all it's features accessible by that IP address. It's pretty simple stuff IMO. It took them fore ever to allow us to even be able to ping the radio while DMZ was selected.