SNMP OID for Downlink Frame Time %

The GUI shows a really nice percentage of time used in a percent value.  This is not provided via SNMP and would be a fantastic value to graph with our monitoring product.


I want this too!

Everybody wants this.  Please consider!

of course we need this.

good idea we would like this.


+1. Need this.

This is targeted for the next available release. 


God, this is pretty useless.

Just check the downlink used frames, multiply it by 100 and divide the result by the total downlink frames, that would give you the percentage.

Instead just restore the uplink used frames since it has always been broken...


Which release is this actually targeted for?

3.3 which is currently in beta. 

Yes we need this too

good idea, I would like it.

This was implemented many versions ago. It’s definitely on 3.5.6+

Thanks, i will check it out.. .