SNMP OID spelling mistake in new firmware?

Long story short and without getting into too much detail, I have two 900MHz MIMO OFDM Canopy radios. 

Radio 1: Running "CANOPY 14.1.1 SM-DES"

Radio 2: Running "CANOPY SM-DES"

Our internal tools grab the string from OID: . and it uses the value associated with the OID to do stuff (not important to this post.)

We were having a problem with our internal tools, and we discovered the following possible spelling mistake  in the  SNMP OID...

Radio 1 (14.1.1 SM-DES): "900MHz MIMO OFDM - Multipoint - Subscriber Module"

Radio 2 ( SM-DES): "900MHzMIMO OFDM - Multipoint - Subscriber Module"

Notice the distinct lack of a space character in the SNMP result of the radio with 15.0.x.x.x.

Is this a mistake by Cambium/Canopy, or was this intentional?


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We'll check on this and post our findings... not sure what the deal is.


It's not a big deal for us, since we only had to add a couple of lines to one of our configuration files, but I figure i'd post it, just in case anyone else happens to have the same problem.

Thanks for the quick response :)

Found the bug in the code, and we will fix in the next release... thanks for pointing this out!

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I know it's been a couple of months since this was posted, but were were installing a 3.65 AP with 15.1 firmware and we have the same issue with these devices as we did with the 900 SMs mentioned in the original posting.

When using the following OID: (.

On radios with 15.1 firmware - returns: 3.6GHzMIMO OFDM - Multipoint - Access Point

On older radios we've tested with various firmware - returns: 3.6GHz MIMO OFDM - Multipoint - Access Point

The missing space character "bug" seems to be affecting both APs and SMs.


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This bug has been fixed in 15.1.2 release available at :

Thank you for reporting the issue.