SNMP OID's for MAC, MSN, and radio type

Hey Folks... anybody know the OID's for grabbing the MAC, MSN, and radio type (e.g. PMP450, PMP450b, PMP450i, etc) off an AP and SM?

Thanks in advance!

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You can use following OIDs to query MAC, MSN and Product Type directly from any 450 radio.

MAC - .

MSN - .

Product Type - .



Returns “PMP 450” for both PMP450d and PMP450 legacy module.
Returns “PMP 450b High Gain” for PMP450b

So how do I tell a PMP450 older legacy module from PMP450d with SNMP?

Unfortunately, the 450d radio was based on the original 450 SM, therefore it has the same OID. This SNMP value will not distinguish between the two.

Are there any hardware differences in the chipset between the legacy pmp450 sm and the pmp450d? Or is it just a pmp450 mounted to back of dish?

AFAIN, performance-wise there are no differences, however, the 450d was only distributed with either a 40mbps or unlocked license key, and the gain of the dish, 25dBi, is hard coded into the gain field on the radio. OH yes, and there was only a 5GHz model, which has the same limitations as the original 5GHz SM… i.e. it can only operate between 5470 - 5875.

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