SNMP plea

Can Motorola (or DesignArts Network and Gemtek, or whoever is responsible) PLEASE address some of the SNMP problems with this gear??

The community string for APs should be directly and explicitly configurable, NOT username_password.

There are dozens of misspellings in the MIBs. (lattitude & longtitude? DHCPclent instead of client? many others)

The MIBs themselves are (as distributed) unparseable by net-snmp, it’s necessary to go through and manually edit the files rather extensively to get them working.

The DHCP subtree in the AP MIB has clients indexed by the ASCII representation (including unprintable characters) of the MAC, instead of numerically. This makes it more complicated trying to parse that data.


Is there something specific that needs to be edited for the MIBs to get them to work properly with net-snmp? I see it mentioned in this post. Was this since fixed?

The most recent MIBs from Moto/Cambium web, dated September 2011, load and parse fine in net-snmp IIRC. Though there’s still dozens and dozens of typos, mostly in the AP MIBs.