SNMP Recommendations


I am looking for suggestions or recommendations for reliable and easy-to-use SNMP software. We are in the process of installing (3) licensed microwave radio hops. Besides the remote access into the microwave itself, we would also like to be notified via SNMP immediately if certain alarms occur.

To my understanding on SNMP ready devices that support a Trap Address feature, this is where you would enter the IP Address of the SNMP Server. Then in the event of an alarm the device will send the alarm to the server. I understand that the server can also periodically poll the devices to grab information. I would rather only be notified in the event of particular alarms.

I would like the software to have a feature to send out an e-mail to specified addresses when alarms occur. If I need to write custom software to handle that task, I can.

I would prefer the SNMP application to be Windows-based, however if there are any highly recommended ones that are compatible with Red Hat Linux 9.0 Professional I will entertain those as well.

I am new to this so forgive my lack of knowledge.

Thanks in advance,


I recomend PRTG
Very simple to use, Windows, etc


I just downloaded it and tested it on an SM. Is it possible to configure PRTG NOT to poll the devices and simply sit and “listen” for traps when they are sent?

Like I said I would prefer not to have to poll the devices in order to discover events. I would just rather be notified by a Trap to the Server when an alarm occurs.

Any suggestions?

Would Nagios do the same thing?

Nagios can be configured to receive traps from the SNMP tools via a passive check.

From the docs:
Passive checks are useful for monitoring services that are:
* located behind a firewall, and can therefore not be checked actively from the host running Nagios
* asynchronous in nature and can therefore not be actively checked in a reliable manner (e.g. SNMP traps, security alerts, etc.)

See here:

and here:

That should get you started.

Thank you.

Cacti can also handle SNMP Traps … light=trap

Jerry - Catci comes highly recommended, correct?

I love it.

I have spent most of today trying to decide on an option. I like PRTG, the only problem is that I cannot get the manufacturer’s MIB to successfully convert to an OID Library using the tool available on the PRTG web site.

I tried another Windows Free-ware option that just listens to SNMP Traps. It says that this version no longer supports e-mail notifications.

I need an SNMP Trap Receiver that can send alerts. Preferably I would like a solution that will allow me to run a batch or executable file on the local PC that I can custom code myself to pesonalize who receives the e-mails and text messages.

Anything else come to mind?

I highly recommend cacti! It can do everything you want it to.

msmith, If you are looking to receive traps only, then you can use a Syslog Daemon.

Kiwi Enterprises, the Kiwi Syslog Daemon, It’s the basic.

Receive Traps ONLY, AND send out e-mail/text message alerts, OR run a custom script upon receipt of a trap.

Windows based?

I haven’t gotten a chance to play with it too much, but I thought I saw email options in Mikrotik’s The Dude software. It’s free btw.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

I’m new to SNMP. I’v been playing with some of the above mentioned programs… all I see though is bandwidth monitoring.

Are canopys SNMP abilitys simply for monitoring bandwidth?
Can any configuration changes be made to the system via SNMP?.. or is it just for monitoring?

I finally found one that I like and meets my needs:

Let me rephrase that… I partially answered my own question. I figured out how to do more than bandwidth monitoring with the OID settings…but I’m still wondering: Can configuration changes be made with the SNMP protocall?.. Or is SNMP simply for monitoring?

Yes, uncheck read only and you can change most parameters.