SNMP since 4.4 Firmware

Hey everyone, our company utilizes Sonar which allows us to see the states of equipment in near-realtime and we've noticed that all R190/R200P devices haven't reported anything back with SNMP since we did the initial 4.4 firmware upgrade. No settings, that I have seen, inside the Administraion>SNMP tab of the Router UI have changed except for the addition of "Remote SNMP Login". We have around 200 of these devices out there that are just giving us a down status constantly so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

SNMP login from WAN interface is disabled by default from 4.4 .(Port number 161 is blocked from WAN by default).You need to enable “Remote SNMP login” on router . Please revert back if issue still persists

Hi Kaleb,

I'm having the same issue as you are and I'm wondering if the solution they gave you is working? We changed them all but still showing down even with the feature enabled. I was wondering if I can get your input or if you guys have come up with a solution on this problem. 

Thank you

We have changed the SNMP remote login and they seem to still be showing down. Is there anything else I'm missing on this? I been trying a bunch of things but not really getting anywhere with it.