SNMP to change device info?


I am wondering how can we update device name, description & other info using snmp? When I use a snmpset (via terminal), it doesn't seem to update device config. epmp gui continues to show the old name / info?

is it possible?


After making your desired config changes, one extra step is required - you have to snmpset the "apply changes" OID, like so;

snmpset -v2c -c$community $radioip . i 1

This is equivalent to pushing "Apply" in the webUI. If a reboot is required, you may need to trigger that also.

If you push a complete .JSON configuration file to the device through the JSONCfgImport OID, the device will automatically apply/reboot as necessary.


Thanks anderp. What'd be the oid for triggering a reboot?

Looks like it should be . based on the MIB file.

There's an online human-readable (but a bit out of date) version of the MIBs here:

add a . before  the 1 and a .0 to the end of any given OID to snmpset it :)

Relevant MIB files are attached to every  ePMP Release.

Please use MIB browser to convert text values to numerical.

For example - Ireasoning MIB browser.

Thank you.

In those mib files, do you see a way to ADD an SNMP Trap server ip? I dont.