SNMP to configure Management VLAN


I’ve been tasked with writing a script to configure a bunch of APs to switch to using management VLANs, and due to various reasons I’ll be using SNMP.

my concern is. the moment I switch to a separate management VLAN, I’d lose access to the AP, do SNMP SET commands take effect immediately or do I have to use the Apply/Save SET commands too? Another thing I’ve come across is the RebootIfRequired OID, if I turn that off, will I be able to set all my changes and then save and apply them with a reboot?

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Changing a setting via SNMP does not take effect immediately, you’ll need to save it, and then apply it. Yes, I’m fairly sure you could send a reboot command instead of an apply command, if you wanted to.

I would test the script before actually running it on production devices.