SNMP traffic data suddenly stopped on some of my APs and SMs today

Within a 20 minute window this morning, 6 of my 20 APs and around 2 dozen of hundreds of SMs all stopped reporting throughput via SNMP.  All other SNMP data we monitor is fine but throughput on both the wireless and wired interfaces stoped. If we reboot the AP or SM, the data starts flowing again. We see this on three different devices that we monitor SNMP so it is not a monitoring problem - it is definately in the ePMP hardware.

Of the SMs that are not showing data, some are attached to the APs that are also not showing data but some are connected to APs that are giving good SNMP data - so there is no correlation.

I've never seen this before. No one was making any changes to the network when this happened. All our techs are off duty for the holiday weekend. 

I'm not really excited about rebooting a bunch of hardware just to get monitoring stats back but we use that data. At least it is a holiday and people should be outside!?

What firmware version are you on ? There is an snmp problem in 3.2.1, 3.5.1 will work reliably with snmp

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Running 3.5.1 on all devices. They’d been up for months…

interesting,   are you using the default community string or custom?  out of curiosity, what sensors are you monitoring from these?   

i'm watching frame usage, sats tracked, pulling the cpe RF table and data rates.  haven't seen a freeze up in the snmp since 3.4 i believe. 

We monitor in two locations: PRTG and Sonar.

In PRTG, we montior: Wireless Interface Throughput (SM and AP), Connected SMs (AP), DL Utiliztion (AP), and ping (AP)

In Sonar, we monitor: DL Utiliztion, Uplink and Downlink Retrans, Uplink and Downlink drop packets, Connected SMs, Session Drops and all interface stats on the APs as well as RSSI, SNR and a bunch of RF stats on the SMs.

We have changed the public string to our own and entered random data in the private string to keep out unwanted visitors.

All of the SNMP stats in both programs are great - except throughput on these few APs and SMs. In the same 20 minute window, throughput went to 0 Mbps on both PRTG and Sonar but all the other data was there. As soon as I reboot the deice, throughput is back again.

All devices that we had issues with are 3.5.1 and have been up without a reboot (for the most part) since 3.5.1 was installed a few months ago.