snmpAgentControl is not allowed


In Maestro when i go to push a config to my switches - I receive the below error.


Switches are running V3.1.1-r3, which i want to upgrade. How do i get around this?

Hi, Switch firmware upgrade is required for SNMP configuration. To upgrade the switch firmware via cnMaestro, navigate to the switch dashboard and select Software Update as shown below:

To see the job status:



Thanks for the reply.

I don’t necessarily want to apply snmp configuration. If i try to sync any config change it doesn’t allow me and gives me the error in the subject, also each time i try to upgrade software it fails.

Hi, although you did not change snmp in cnmaestro, its default setting is still pushed to the switch. Because the old firmware does not know how to handle the snmp setting from cnmaestro the config sync fails. However, you should be able to upgrade the switch firmware directly from cnmaestro. Please navigate to Administration > Jobs and click the Note icon as shown below to display the error.

Please raise a Cambium ticket so our technician can help you with the upgrade.

Ok thanks but it just says the same, could we disable locally?

Did the error persist after upgrading the switch? What version of the firmware is running on the switch? Thanks.