snmpbulkget command don't return all results


I am executing snmp request to access point in order to retreive data for all SMs connected to it.

The request is "snmpbulkget -v 2c -c commstr -t 30 APip ....." followed by 7 OIDs with data for each of the devices.

I have response but only with 7of the SMs, not all more than 100 devices.

Are they any limitations in the response i receive and how to fix it? I tried also with adding "-Cn0 -Cr150" in the command but it always return the first 7 SMs (the 8th device is returned even with not all Oids i requested, only 2 of them).

Thanks in advance!



Hi Bilyana,

Could you please share the complete SNMP BulkGet query, including the 7 OIDs.

If you prefer, you can send me an email to