SNMPv3 AES encryption broken since 4.6.2

Decided to load the 4.7-RC14 as we need some of the fixes that it provides. However, we found a big issue for us:

SNMP v3 AES encryption appears to be broken in 4.6.2 and beyond. We are using NetXMS monitoring and 4.6.1 radios work with this (though only if R/W enabled) but 4.6.2 and 4.7-RC14 are broken.

Also, if you are going for fix this the authentication and privacy should allow for distinct values and not share the same value. This is the only device I have ever see do this. In fact your PMP line implements it like other devices.

Need this fixed as it will break MANY devices for us before final release. Thanks!

Hi @Larry_Weidig1! Which radio are you using?
And how exactly can I reproduce your issue?

Something like LibreNMS. You can select AES when adding an SNMPv3 device.

I would appreciate snmpwalk output along with station snmp config in json or screenshot.

We have tested this with both 1000 and 2000 GPS sync AP devices. The SNMP settings work on 4.6.1 but an upgrade to 4.6.2 or 4.7-RC14 it stops working. No changes to NetXMS so it has to be something in the firmware. We have AES working with other devices and even these devices at 4.6.1. Will send a base configuration file privately to see setup.


Larry is no longer with us. Has this been addressed in 4.7 beta?



Hello David,

I am reviewing the details and will share the update related to the fix in v 4.7RC version.
Also, if you can share the requested SNMP details as requested earlier, it will help.

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