Snow problem Force 425


After the last snowstorm in May, we noticed that in certain locations on Force 425 with Range Extender, signal strength dropped from -60 to -80. A technician on-site observed that the radome was full of snow during the snowfall. After the snow melted, the signal returned to normal. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent this problem in the future?
are Protective Radome for Force 425 with Range Extender ?

I’ve heard of others using anti-stick style sprays over the years. There were a few specialty brands targeted to WISP’s, but I’ve heard of guys having good luck with Rain-X or Pam cooking spray. The guidance I was given is to apply it only to the metal part of the dish and not on the plastic radio parts.

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We’ve had good luck with Rustoleum Neverwet. Saved us on some critical links during an ice strom this winter. We could definitely see the difference between the antennas that were treated and those that were not. I would recommend retreating yearly.

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Neverwet or Mastershine yacht wax works great.