So Many SOAP questions

1: Is there a way to get Prizm to not be so dang case sensitive?

Searching for %chris% in Site Name will miss any SM labelled Chris, for example.

2: Is there a way to deal with accepting SMs via SOAP? I.e. an AP notifies prizm that a new SM is present, how do you programatically ‘accept and manage’ said SM?

3: The getElementPerformanceData give you min, max, average and total; is there a way to get actual values? That is, can I get all data, probably in five or ten minute increments depending on how Prizm is configured, for a given time period, which I can then feed to a grapher? Or would I have to generate a whole bunch of getElementPerformanceData requests for five minute spans?

  1. Search is case sensitive just like in Prizm GUI since it is directly wired to the database.
    2. You have to use Prizm GUI to discover/accept SM for Management.
    3. There are 3 API functions related to performance data. “getElementPerformanceData” returns summary data. Other two “getElementPerformanceFieldValues” and “getElementPerformanceValuesDelimited” return actual collected data for each time period.

1: Unfortunate.

2: That’s what I was afraid of.

3: Glory be, that could be EXACTLY what I’m looking for!

Thanks muchly!