So what's the Plan for ePSK and WiFi7

Last time I checked… ePSK didn’t work with WPA3.

Is ePSK going to be supported in WiFi 7?

@Springs , yes we will have WPA3 support for ePSK with our Wi-Fi 6/6E and 7 APs. Launching beta in May timeframe.

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While I don’t always “enjoy” beta testing. As long as its on my test bench and not in front of clients… if it needs to be done… I work on it.

I believe you have worked with Gary Hansen. I will ask him to reach out to you once the code is in a demoable form so that he can show you how it works first, so we don’t use too much of your time. Once it is available on Wi-Fi 6 APs, we can give you the code also so you can test it at your convenience. I am collecting early feedback from select customers. Appreciate your help!

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