Social login not working.

All setting correct, please view video


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Can you please invite , so that we can debug the issue . Looks like App id configured is invalid 

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Any update on this ? 

I am having the same problem.

Did it solved for you? And how?

Hi ,  It was tested here in local set up . It works fine without any issue . Can you please invite so that I can access your cloud account and test it . You can do it by clicking  on Administartors on CnMaestro and  click on Invite Cambium Support and provide my email id i.e

Had this problem too with Google login.

Got this error below;

Anyone can help? I made a dummy new account and create new project but it still the same. Apparently client id mention as in picture was not mine to begin with. 

We get this error when we configure Redirect URI is not configured under Java script Origin of Google API . Can you please follow link

We get this error when we configure Redirect URI is not configured under Java script Origin of Google API . Can you please follow link

Cloud Data store API is no longer avaiable

Hello, it does not work Social Login with Facebook. I share access to CN_Message CIGNAL_IT_CN_MAESTRO, thank you.

Hi , 

 Login Failure happens when we configure wrong app id /secret or when redirection uri is not updated  properly on FB or google API . Please  invite me i.e  on your cloud account so that we can debug further . You can do this by  clicking on Invite on Cnmaestro



Hi Gaston,

 I have configured a new APP id/ secret on your account  . It works fine now . Issue might be a wrong App id /secret or wrong Rediect URI configured on FB API

Hi ,

 Can you please elaborate the issue  . If it is about Google cloud data store API  , Google cloud data store API is avaliable . Please find the path after loging in with  your credentials . Path is below

Hi, i have configured social login with facebook, google and Office365 but only OFFICE365 works.

- Facebook after login, remains on white window and not works also APP Facebook on portal view requests.

- Google not view  login request but view following error:

Hi Pao-it,

Please invite me i.e on your cloud account so that we can debug the issue . You can do this by going to "Application >> Users >> Invite Cambium Support" and provide my email id.

OK, done. invited send.



I was able to get into your cnMaestro account.

And tried logging using Google and Facebook from your Guest portal "TEST" without modifying anything on your Guest portal.

Result was success and I was able to access internet.

PFA screenshot.

Can You let us know what client you are using.

And also can you try retesting with valid credentials of Google and facebook.

Hi Immanuel,

i re-try but with i-phone ios version 11.0.3 not works,  Not Facebook, Not Google.

Try connect with samsung Android Galaxy a3-2016 Facebook works, Google not. (see attach).

Why this differences ?


There is issue with iOS, regarding auto sign-up splash page.

So to overcome that issue You need to enable "Bypass Captive Portal Detection" in Access control tab of Guest portal(I have enabled it).

By doing this you won't get auto sig-up page but you need to go to browser and need to type "" or "", then you will get Guest access splash page.

Now try loging from Google, Facebook and Office365.

I have tried same with iOS 11.1(iPhone 6) and Samsung Galaxy tab. Social login with Google, Facebook and Office365 is working fine.


Hi Immanuel,

also iOS now all authentication works !!!

Thank you !