Social Login

Hi We've 3 cnPilot E410

They run correctly but I've a trouble with captive portal social login.

I've tried to follow the instruction ( but  they seems to be outdated for the google part (the API activation is different from the explained).

Everything seems to work for the facebook part but I've a problem with google:

a page 401 with error : OAuth client was not found

any suggestion?

tnxs in advance

Hi Saul,

  1. You must have to resolve Domain Name for your corresponding cnMaestro’s IP address.
  2. Login to cnMastero -> Services -> Guest Access Portal -> Configure the domain name for Guest Portal Hostname.
  3. Configure the same cnMaestro's Domain Name under authorized JavaScript origins with the prefix of “https://”.

Kindly refer the latest document under this path,


Raja M


Tnxs Raja

The devices were correctly configured for the hostname.

the problem was in the API Id as I misanderstood from the old document wich is the correct key; It's well described in your latest document so now everything goes well.

tnxs for your kind support


Hi  Saul,

Thanks for your feedback! Kindly mark this as "Accept as solution".


Raja M