Software Incomplatability Error when trying to connect 3000L ePTP Master and ePMP1000 Slave

We had a 5GHz ePMP 2000 we are using as a ePTP Master fail due to water damage. I replaced it with a 5GHz 3000L but the ePMP 1000 SM slave we use won’t register. Both are running software version 4.7 but I get Error Incompatible Software. They will connect when the 3000L is set to TDD. Is there anything we can do to get these two radios to connect as a Master / Slave? Thank you.

I don’t believe ePTP is compatible between major ePMP versions (e.g. an 802.11n radio connecting to an 802.11ac radio in ePTP mode). You might be able to use TDD-PTP mode however.


I tried TDD-PTP but didn’t have any luck. We’re going to have to replace a 2000 in use as an AP at a different site with a 3000L to free up a the radio needed asap. Thank you for your reply.

ePTP is not compatible between different generations as @Eric_Ozrelic mentioned.
TDD and TDD PTP are fully compatible.
So if you could provide more details we definitely can help to sort this out.

Thank you.