Software to access bricked radio?

I have two Force 300-25's on the bench that we can not access. Tried and 192.168.02. Won't respond to pings on either IP. I have factory reset them with the reset button. I am getting a power and Ethernet link on the radio but that is it.

Is there special software I can download that will give me layer 2 access into these radios or any other method of resetting them?

I have tried this:

But that seems to be for older firmware. It did not work in my case but you can't extract anything from the .img file for firmware. Is this still a valid procedure for 300 series radios?

Have you tried the power method?

Forgot about that method. Tried it and no luck...

Try to power it up, then press reset once, and try to log in to using your web browser.

I managed to recover some bricked F300, you should see something like this:


Hi all,

For the new F300s radios, except F300-13L the new FW recovery procedure has been introduced.

Now you don't need TFTP server.

Radio should be reached at and you will see web-page where FW image can be uploaded directly.

Thank you.

OK. But if you can't access or ping is there another way? 


To be able to access the recovery interface as shown by Guiseppe you have to press reset button once with a pin.



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