Software upgrade of cnWave Mesh using onboard controller

This article explains the software upgrade procedure using an example mesh with four nodes


  1. PoP node, V5000 Model

  2. DN, V5000 Model

  3. CN, V3000 Model

  4. CN, V1000 Model

Software package

  • Download the img files from the cnWave support site.
    1. cnwave60ghz-v5000-v3000-upgrd-<release>.img is for V5000 and V3000 platforms.

    2. cnwave60ghz-v1000-upgrd-<release>.img is for V1000 platform.

Upload the images

  • Login to the onboard controller and select ‘Software upgrade option’ as shown in the figure below


  • Go to Images tab, click on upload button as show in figure below and upload both images one by one.

  • Both files will be listed as shown below


This step downloads and flashes the image on the device. Since we have separate images for V1000 and V5000/V3000, it involves two steps.


  • Once all the devices are in flashed state, select all the nodes and click on commit

  • This step reboot all the selected devices. In this case, even the POP node. Upgrade takes about 7 minutes. Re-login to the onboard and check the Image version of all the devices.


  1. Can I upgrade single node in the mesh?

    Though its recommended to run same SW version on all the mesh nodes, SW upgrade procedure allows to upgrade single or a set of nodes. Just select the required nodes in Prepare and Commit steps

  2. I don’t see any image in the drop down at Prepare step even though images were uploaded

    If V1000 and either V5000/V3000 are selected together, drop down will be empty as there is no single image supporting this combination. Please select only V1000s or only V5000/V3000s