Software Version : CANOPY 13.4.1 SM-AES

I have computers with this Software Version CANOPY 13.4.1 SM-AES
Please, I need to know if there is an update for these ap and sm and how can I buy it, Thank you

Hello Novato;

Please see the link below; we are up to 21.1 for the PMP 450 (Canopy)

PMP 450 / Cambium Networks Support

You’ll be able to use CANOPY211BUILDOFFICIAL_PXP45x_S.pkg3 as the update package on CNUT; and if you need CNUT to update the device, please see the link below;

CNUT / Cambium Networks Support

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Hi @Novato,

for which radios’ model?
13.4.1 is the latest (IIRC) for the old FSK radio.

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