Solar power option?

How to connect connectorized/unconnectorized ePMP1000 to a 24V DC Power Source?

Are you trying to power an AP or STA/CSTA?

Both. We have a solar powered station doing ptp uplink and ptmp to customers. At the moment we use Mikrotik. The system runs at 24V.

Stefan: No issue at all with STAs but the APs have a minimum 23VDC input voltage so you need to make sure that your 24VDC battery system after voltage drops is at or above 23VDC.

We are looking at doing a solar power option for an Epmp1000 AP ptp, and possibly ptmp option to a farm yard.

Shoot back to the house about 1/4 mile.  Also, some places by a lake in hopes of getting up to 12 homes.

does anyone have experience with a solar power and mounting AP's on the same pole.  I live in MN so cold winters

and short daylight will probably force us to use more batteries. 


For the guys running 24VDC ever think of running 5 of the 6 volt deep cell batteries? 

@David,Check out Tycon Power. They have some nice solar setups . They also have some turbine options as your not getting a ton of sunlight. PM me if you want more information. 

From my all DC site (while not solar FYI) I found that the APs can't boot/stay on at 20vdc with <50 foot cat5 runs.  23vdc should be more more than enough.

If you regulate the power from the batteries (charging ~27v, dischanging <19v) and always put out 24vdc you should be perfectly fine with shorter cat5 runs.

You can use this for your AP's.

and for epmp2000 56v? i have a battery 24v.

Power everything from a DC Netonix switch. They happily convert 24v DC input to 48v POE.

Is posible link? 

This is what we use on most of our towers:

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