Solar Power

Anyone have any exp. setting up a cmm micro with solar power?
Is there any way to convert from the 12v DC to 24v DC? I also read that it can run off 12v but you can only be 20’ from the cmm with you equipment. Thats too short for my application, could get by with mayber 60’. Any help appreciated.

The CMMmicro requires 24vdc as do the Canopy modules plugged in to the CMMmicro. I have had a charging system fail and the battery voltage drop down to 12vdc. everything still worked. Link specs were still acceptable, But the site was not vary loaded. That does not mean the system will work on 12vdc.

When building a solar power system you want to maximize efficency. Converting 12vdc to 24vdc wasts energy. If everything at the site is 24vdc just build a 24v solar system it will be more efficent and probably cheaper. I have used 12v solar pannels tied together in series to create 24vdc and i have used 24v pannels size and quantity depend on the size of the site. A heavily loaded 6 AP cluster site with BH’s will need a lot bigger system then a small site. How quick you want the system to charge will factor in too. where I live in the mountains you may only get 4hrs of sunlight a day. I like to be at maximum capacity in 4 or 5 hrs. I use 2 12vdc gel cell batteries size again depends on the same factors. How big the site is, I may not see the sun for 3 days. Most charge controllers will do 12 or 24 volts amperage will depend on same factors above. I would also recommend a low voltage disconnect also.

Would it be possible to connect the 2 12vdc batteries in parallel to create the 24v needed but still have the same 12v charging system charge the batteries? This site will only have a cmm micro and 3 BH’s running on it.


I run several sites with just solar and wind power for the canopy system. The CMM can take a 12v input my system is running on this right now. With solar panels it is possible to configure them into a 24v cell however a complex setup of blocking diodes is required. My advice is just run it on 12v.

I have 5 canopy modules connected with a CMM and have a bank of 4 12v 110amp Hr batteries powered with 4 solar panels at 80W each and a mini wind turbine. Works well and if theres no sun or wind it will last about 5 days before a visit is needed. However in Scotland we dont often run out of wind!

i to have several sites running with solar and wind generation

i generally run 3 6 v of 4 bat banks that are then parallelled to gether to give me 24v

i run this through a charge controller and all seems fine.
even in the -25 deg c. up here in canada

i like this better than running just 12 v systems once you load up the ap’s and the backhauls i am not sure the 12 v system would suffice.

just my opinion.

good idea.

Didnt think of using the 6v batts. Just out of interest how does the total cost for a 6v bank system compare? I have 4 110amp hr 12v at one site and it seem to cope well.


you do not mean parrallel you mean series when run in parrallel the voltage will stay the same and the current will split equally. in series it will go from 12 -24 -36 etc…


he’s using a series parallel

3ea 6V for 24v, then 4 banks of that parallel for more current.

actually its 4 6 v bat in series to get 24v and then paralelled to 3 banks to give more available current.

works great the charging keeps the shack roasty toasty.

pretty cold and snowy…

what sort of amp hour rating are the 6v batts? How many modules have you got powered off it??


uh, 3x6…uhhhhh


sorry for the delay

amp hours i cant find my specs and it’s been almost a year since i have been up there (once the snow clears up i go)

as to numbers we have
1 5.7 backhaul
4 2.4 advantage ap’s
1 cmm micro
1 900 omni with cyclone ap

there is over 150 sm’s registered and more going on all the time.

i am hoping to get over 500 out of this setup

self gen is the way to go if you can afford it .

about 11k for everything battery’s, charge controller, wind gen, solar cells

hope this helps.

Found a sweet little 400w wind generator for about $600. Bought 6 deep cycle batteries and hooked it all up. Has been running great for about a month. Lots O wind up there.

can you share the generator manufacturer and the charging controller you are using?

It is an AIR X Wind Turbine. I don’t think they sell direct. All parts where included but the batteries. … erator.htm