Solarwinds Orion 7.5 Configuration


I am new to the Network Management scene and I’ve been tasked with configuring Solarwinds Orion Network Manager version 7.5 to monitor our Motorola Wireless Canopy network with it to gain some definitive stats. We have several AP’s and a couple hundred SM’s. I wanted to be able to gather more information on how our network was being used, who using bandwidth, etc.

Now it is discovering the SM’s, but I’m not getting SNMPv2 recognition, giving all the identification information. My predecessor had gotten a few to work, but I have no documentation on how he did it. It is pulling some information from the SM, and it’s giving me the site contact information, but not the software version or the fact that it’s a Motorola. Is there a guild to configuring Solarwinds to receive all the data a Canopy SM and AP has to offer?


Zachary Mahon
Centric Internet Services
Missoula, MT

mmm… Canopy snmp is standard SNMP stuff… you do an SNMP walk to get the MIPS and then I guess configure them in solar winds.

Most people use MRTG to get traffic stats.

Be careful, when doing this, if you try to pull too much information too frequently you will flood your network with too many small packets which will start to slow down your network (increase latency).

hope this helps… never used solarwinds but from what I know of it it is standard stuff

I also use Solarwinds - started with the Engineers Toolset and now we also use Orion. I love it. In terms of getting the info from the SMs… are you using NAT on the SMs? If so you will need to pull the sessions data from the APs. This is something that I have not worked through yet (not too concerned about monitoring SMs), but I could work on it when I get some time.


dunno why its not seeing the Modules… im using solarwinds and it works great.

snmp v2 will find the site info for what you have put in the Module on the config page at the bottom. make sure your community string is correct (case sensitive) and the ip for monitoring is correct for that network. if you are on a natted ip scheme make sure your NMS is in that Natted network or make sure it can access it (vpn or something)