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Hi to everyone first :wink:
I’m evaluating Solarwinds Engineers Edition before buying it…now my question is: the SNMP Real Time Graph tool can monitor Canopy jitter and rssi? I’ve tried it with no success. I must import the Canopy mibs in the DB? In the program DB there are some old mibs, i’ve tried to import new ones but with no success again.



As far as I know Solarwinds does not support SNMPv2 that is required to manage canopy APs.

I would suggest you to try NetDecision (

You can download evaluation version at:

We do have experience managing Canopy APs and SMs. So if you have any questions please let us know.

There are several tools that you can use to monitor jitter and rssi MIB variables:
1. MIB Browser
2. Network Manager
3. Script Studio

I would start with MIB Browser to make sure that your canopy equipment responds to SNMP requests (SNMP-Get). Make sure to specify SNMPv2 in Agent Configuration window.

When you done that you can try create polling script using NetDecision Script Studio and save results to MS Access database for example (or any other database or file).

Please let us know if you need any assistance with this.
FYI: We are listed as Canopy network management vendor by Motorola.


Thank you netmechanica!
I will try the programs you advise me.

Only another question…with Solarwinds I’ve monitored the SM traffic…this is because it supports SNMPv1? The jitter and rssi parameters works only with SNMPv2 and private MIBs?

Yes, you have to use canopy private mibs to find out how to access jitter and rssi parameters. These mibs can be downloaded from canopy web site at
For version 7.1.4 this these objects OIDs will be:
Object Name: rssi
Object ID:
Object Syntax: INTEGER
Object Access: read-only
Object Status: current
Object Description: Radio signal strength index.

Object Name: jitter
Object ID:
Object Syntax: INTEGER
Object Access: read-only
Object Status: current
Object Description: A measure of multipath interference.


Solarwinds supports SNMP v2.

Once it’s purchased, Solarwinds will convert the Canopy MIB’s so we can monitor all of the radio’s parameters.

We are evaluating it as well, and we intend to purchase it.

yo… trying out solarwinds as well for my canopy network. tell me what i am doing wrong when i configure snmp on the AP

example: under Configuration / SNMP

Community String [teststring]
Accessing subnet [] /[16]
Trap Address [ip to solarwinds server]

NOTE; the is the ip of the AP

i have tried it many other ways… but no go :cry:

they are found as regular nodes (icmp) everytime i go to solarwinds to enter the community string and try to rediscover, it only comes up with node is down or an invalid snmp community string error.

plz help


I just add the node IP address and the string Canopy. No Accessing subnet or trap address.

The Solarwinds network discovery tool does not work - it doesn’t support snmp2, you have to add nodes manually. They are aware of the problem.

thx for the info! no more beating my head against keyboard.


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