solid dual band sector antenna

ITE makes a dual band sector antenna, is well. kind of OK, the 5GHZ side is decent but the 2.4 ghz side is awful. the beam spread is shot very high into horizon as the 5ghz edge is down to distance.  the concepts great and would really reduce our co-location costs of such an antenna was around.      or if some sort of antenna kit that would allow the 2.4 and 5ghz antennas to appear as one and bolt up as one with a similar top lobe for down tilt...   from our experience the tower companies don't care as much about the size  (to a point) of our antennas, but get us for every antenna mounted.    I haven't pushed the envelope with size much, but we didn't get charged any different for the old terra wave 15 db 900 mhz sectors we had years ago, they stood 6' tall and a 9" face.   

the  recommended dual slant for the 2.4 ghz EPMP is great, it would be nice to only get tabbed for 4 sectors rather than 8 when we put both 2.4 and 5 ghz up.    we usually get charged an extra $200/month for the 8 sector setup. so for us, the antennas would save a pretty good chunk of change, even if they retailed for 500/sector.

a dual band EPMP AP would be a perfect pair with this guy too ;) 

KP Performance has some new dual-band sectors that accomplish what you're after.

eric is right on. kp performance

the KP antennas have the same problem, send the 5ghz side in the dirt and let the 2ghz reach further, or have the 5ghz out 3 miles and the 2ghz hits horizon.   they are tighter and better but they are still using the same physical component to send and reicivies the signal. without truly using 4 separated antennas, and electrical tilting the 2ghz so the top of the lobe is the same as the 5ghz, or decrease the gain of the 5ghz and allow its lobe to expand the antennas will be plague with the same issue. not to mention the increased return loss from using electronics to separate the signals at port. a larger radome that encloses two truly separate antennas is what I'd love to see. yes they will be larger, but won't sacrifice performance.  the KP antennas are much better than most of the dual band antennas but is still plagues with the usual short falls from trying to use a wide band antennas to please two very disjointed frequencies.