Some interesting experimenting with 900Mhz...

We did some more field testing with 900Mhz today. Driving in increasingly larger circles around our 900Mhz AP (mounted on 130ft tower with a 5.2BH), we did some testing at vehicular speeds:

Up to 40 mph (less than 2 miles/lots of trees)): maintained a consistent 1.2-1.3Mb (1.5Mb throughput on AP) download speed.

Over 40 mph (less than 2 miles): maintained 250-350Kb d/l speeds.

2-3 miles away (under 40 mph): maintained 300Kb d/l speeds.

Over 40 mph (over 2 miles away): lost signal

This was all done in a heavily wooded, residential neighborhood without any real large buildings, but I just thought I’d pass this on to everyone in case you wanted to do some experimenting on your own.

Viva la 900Mhz!!


Wow Bortnem1 thats amazing. Thank you for those tests. Can you give more information on which 900mhz equipment you used (integrated antenna or connectorized, if so which antenna?), how did you power the SM inside of a vehicle?

But on the other hand, congratulations on the ingenuity of the test and success!


We used a standard mag-mount 900Mhz omni antenna with a 3db gain. As for power, we have DC inverters in all our vehicles. Just hook the antenna to the connectorized SM, plug your radio into your Y-adapater and into your laptop, and away you go… while we were online, we just did d/l speed tests and recorded what we were getting.

As for applications, we believe there are many. As for the drawbacks, it would seem that maintaining a viable connection beyond 3 miles (and above 40mph) would be the main one.