Some questions about cnMaestro X vs. Essentials

My org is looking to deploy 4 MDUs using cnPilot APs…
We are being asked to provide a bunch of statistics from the equipment (most likely on a monthly or quarterly basis). From what I can tell, it looks like this requires the “X” license?

Additionally, we will most likely be using ePSK / per-user PSK (Aerohive used to call it PPSK) to assign one password per Customer / apartment in the building.

The comparison sheet between Essentials and X says something about “ePSK Scaling” that is only in X. What exactly does this mean? I’ve done some searching and I see that there are limits on number of ePSKs configured in an AP… As long as the APs are in different “sites” / Groups, can we have (for example) 200 ePSKs across 4 different sites, as long as I don’t need them to be able to work at all of the sites? To put it differently - we would need 800 ePSKs in total, but each “Site” would only need 200 for that site (so the APs at a site would never need to store more than 200). Are the only limitations to ePSK on the AP side, and not within cnMaestro?

With cnMaestro Essentials you get 300 ePSK per account and with cnMaestro X you get 1,024 ePSK per account.

Jagdish, I appreciate your reply. We will likely be paying for X because we need the reporting / data export functions.
I’m trying to make sure I’m understanding the ePSK limit correctly, so I will rephrase:

  1. Is there a hard limit of 1024 ePSK for a single cnMaestro X instance?
  2. Or is the limit that the access points can only store 1024 ePSKs internally?

If it is #1, we will have a problem after 5 or 6 buildings… we would probably need to have multiple cnMaestro X instances, which becomes a management headache. Can it scale higher with a self-hosted / private cnMaestro X? Or would it be a better idea to manage each building as its own completely separate cnMaestro instance anyway? (Are there other limits on number of devices managed by a single instance?)

If it is #2, then we will not have a problem at all. I shouldn’t need more than 200-300 ePSK for a given group of APs (one building). So as long as I can have “many thousands” of ePSK in cnMaestro, just not all configured in the same APs at the same time.

Hi Braden, Hopefully this will help clarify. Thanks

cnMaestro Essentials: 300 ePSK per Account
cnMaestro X: 1024 ePSK per WLAN*

*Limit determined by AP with the lowest ePSK capacity in the AP Group using the WLAN

1024 ePSK: XV2, XV3, e700, e600, e510, e430, e410
600 ePSK: e400, e425H, e500, e501S, e502S, e505

Jagdish, that helps immensely.

We will likely be using e410 APs for this project, so 1024 is the AP capacity.

If I’m understanding correctly, as long as:

  • I use a different AP Group at each site (may also need separate WLAN/SSID?)
  • And we have X licenses for all of the APs / are using cnMaestro X

Then everything I’m asking for should work.

Is there any limit on the total number of ePSKs defined in cnMaestro X (but not necessarily applied to any AP Groups / WLANs)?

For example, if I have 7 sites, each with their own AP group/WLAN, and each one needs 500 different ePSKs, will cnMaestro X have any problems managing a total of 3500 ePSKs? (I understand that a single AP Group / WLAN will be limited by the capacity of the APs, but I’m concerned about the controller / cnMaestro itself.) If there is an upper bound of total defined ePSKs, what is it?