Somes ideas taken from another antenna controller :-)

Hi, i'm not sure if those ideas has alerady been proposed, but i'm taking a chance.

We are ISP using 2 differents brand of radios. Cambium and another. They also having a control software with some features that we use every day and it should be nice to also have it with cambium. I will generally talk abourt epmp1000/2000 cause this is the product we are using...

1- Scheduled Auto discovery of the network: Once a day, cnMaestro should be able to scan the network with SNMP credential and auto add AP, SM to the database.

2- Auto backup config file: once a week, cnMaestro should be able to download the config file of all radios (AP and SM). In case of a defective radio like a lignthing hit, we are able to reprogram a new radio really fast.

3- Scheduled Upgrade: cnMaestro can program a job, but there's no way to schedule it! Like over the night to avoid service lost during daytime.


Please dont care about bad english.... this is not my primary language ;-)

Are these features available for use now?

Auto schedule is supported now, but the first two are not.