Source for replacing mounting hardware nuts and bolts

Does anyone have a source for replacing individual nuts and bolts for the mounting hardware? We have an  820S with a gummed up stainless nut/bolt for the horz align. They're not something you would get at your local hardware store. Any guidance is appreciated.

Can you provide the antenna P/N?

We can help check with the antenna supplier and find out if they sell those bolts and nuts seperately, or have a suggestion for alternative.




PTP 820 2' SP18GHz Andrew

See attached 

Just need the horizontal adjustment bolt with nuts and the plastic pin.

see attached

We checked with Commscope, they don't sale bolts and nuts seperately. We are asking the spec for the bolts, and hopefully we can buy such directly on line. will keep you posted.

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Thanks, appreciate your help on this. Will wait to hear from you. Cambium is willing to send me an entire Antenna via RMA just so I can have the nut and bolt but I'm trying to avoid going there.