SP or DP antenna


I want to do some links on PTP820c. First phase would be 1+0 configuration to achieve cca 500Mbps. Second phase would be only license upgrade 2+0 mode to achieve cca 1Gbps.

Please help me to understand concept of the upgrade idea to 2+0 configuration. I know that I can go with SP or DP antennas. If someone can advise what would be better to use SP or DP antennas. I understand that this point about antennas is very important because of further decision either to go with SPLITTER or OMT!

Thanks in advance!

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             The firs thing to do is model the link in Link Planner as a 2+0 setup. This will show you the reliability, fade margin, etc in the 2+0 setup. If you are going to run the setup in a V+H configuration you will use the OMT. The Splitter is used for the same polarity on two channels. Depending on what's avaliable in your region frequency wise, this can help with the decesion of OMT vs Splitter. Model the link in Link Planner and it will give you the antenna choice, and reach out to your local RTM if you need further assistance.

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